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A Letter from Co-Founder Spencer Hill

Circa 2010 I began employing my staff from my internet marketing firm to develop custom Plugins for our website development clients. By 2013 we had released several and were generating revenue to justify spinning the WordPress Plugin Development Department off into it’s own company. But we lacked the capital and had limited marketing staff available to do it the way we wanted to.

In 2015 I met David and found him to be operating a successful and growing Content Marketing firm. During 2015 and most of 2016 we found a complimentary overlap of our resources and goals. His client had a similar need for application development and so we toyed with the idea of forming a new company that focused solely on applications, specifically WordPress Plugins.

And from this, WPPluginCo.com was born.


The Vision

David and I want to see a WordPress Plugin company that offers substantive solutions to the problems that face the WordPress community both now and in the future. Within that, we want WPPluginCo.com to have a reputation of stable, bug-free, WordPress Plugins that are also affordable for all and helpful to those who need them. We’d aim to strengthen the weaknesses of already-great-Plugins like Elliot Condon’s Advanced Custom Fields Plugin, Auttomatic’s WooCommerce, and many others.