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Front End Form Extension for ACF

The Front End Form Plugin brings the awesomeness, and ease of use, of the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin ….


Product Description

The Front End Form Plugin brings the awesomeness, and ease of use, of the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress into the front end by generating a shortcode for each Field Group you create in ACF.

But it’s not just for creating a basic contact form. You can create quizes, interactive questionnaires, support request systems integrated with the any WordPress Support Plugin out there and more…

That shortcode (when placed into a Page, Post, Custom Post Type, Widget or any other area that accepts shortcode) will display the ACF Field Group you created so visitors can interact with it like they would any standard form you could have created with the faithful Contact Form 7, robust Formidable or dynamic Gravity Forms Plugins which – in all their glory – pale in comparison to the benefits of field creation and management with Advanced Custom Fields.


Add-Ons and Extensions

Like ACF we developed this Plugin to be modular. Here are some additional Add-Ons and Extensions you might find helpful:


ACF Front End Form Plugin: File Uploader Extension

Without this Plugin the native ACF File Uploader field doesn’t allow users to upload files from the front end due to limitations of the native WordPress Media Uploader.


ACF Front End Form Plugin: reCAPTCHA Extension

Prevent SPAM submissions with this Plugin.


Some Highlights

Apart from the basic ability to display your ACF Field Groups with shortcode you can also:

  • Receive Email Notifications Upon Submission – We’ve extended ACF so that when someone submits a Front End Form that you are notified by email.
    • Auto Populates with Form Data (Optional) – You can select a checkbox, for each form, to specify whether you want the email to be automatically populated with all of the form data.
    • Notification Customizing – You can further customize your email notifications with content to your liking.
    • File Attachments – When a file is uploaded to a form it’s not just saved to the database but it’s also sent to all recipients.
  • Standardized Forms – You can set default values that are used for all of your forms, unless you’ve already customized them. So things like your submit button, successfully submitted message, email notifications and more can be set for all of your forms at once so you don’t waste time copying and pasting those values.
  • Create Interactive Test and Quizes – Maybe you need to create a test or quiz that displays different questions and results based on the Users answers. Thanks to ACF and the Front End Form Plugin you can do that!
  • Database of Submissions – All submissions are saved and accessible from it’s own, individual, menu item just like Pages and Posts display their own.
  • Integrates with the CPT UI Plugin – For the ability to quickly create Custom Post Types to associate your Custom Fields with we recommend the CPT UI Plugin.
  • Create Posts – You can create Posts from the submissions.
  • Edit Entries & Save Drafts – Allow logged-in users to save drafts and edit their own entries, or even edit those submitted by others without seeing the admin area. You can optionally allow responses only from users who are logged-in.


Features ACF Front End Form Contact Form 7 Formidable Gravity Forms
Free Version Yes Yes Yes No
Price $29 N/A $49 $39
Advanced Fields (Numbers, Emails, Passwords, Relational) Yes (Powered by ACF) No Partial (No Relational Fields)  Partial (No Relational Fields)
Order Forms No (Coming Soon) No   Yes (Premium Only)
Drag-n-Drop Form Builder Yes (Powered by ACF) No Partial (Just sucks compared to ACF) Partial (Just sucks compared to ACF)
Save to Database Yes Yes (Premium Only) Yes (Premium Only) Yes
Create Posts Yes No Yes (Premium Only) Yes (Premium Only)
Email Notifications Yes Yes Yes  
Customize Individual Email Notifications Yes (Premium Only)   Yes  
Shortcode to Display Forms Yes   Yes  
Widget to Display Forms No (Coming Soon)   Yes  
Shortcode to Display Database No (Coming Soon) No Yes (Premium Only)  
reCAPTCHA Available in Separate Extension » No    No
Conditionally Hide & Show Fields Yes (Powered by ACF) No Yes (Premium Only) Yes (Premium Only)
Calculations No (Planned)      
Free Updates for Current Major Version Yes Yes Yes  
Paginiation (Multi-Paged Forms) No (Planned) No Yes (Premium Only) Yes (Premium Only)
Variables (Get a Value from Another Form) No (Planned) No Yes (Premium Only)  
Collapsible Sections Partial (Supported on Backend, Planned for Front End) No Yes (Premium Only)  
File Uploading Yes No Yes (Premium Only)  
File Uploading to Custom Location No (Planned) No Yes (Premium Only)  
Field Validation Yes (Powered by ACF)   Yes Yes
Graphs No (Planned) No Yes (Premium Only)  
Autoresponders No (Planned) No Yes (Premium Only)  
Limit Entries No (Planned) No No Yes (Premium Only)
Scheduled Forms No (Planned) No No Yes (Premium Only)
API with Hooks (Actions & Filters) Yes (Powered by ACF) No Partial  
Free Support Forums Yes Yes    
Premium Support Yes No    
Support by Phone Yes (M-F 9-5) No    
Support by Email Yes (M-F 9-5) No     
Wiki – Knowledgebase – FAQ Yes Partial  Yes  
Warranty & Refund (30 Day Mon Refund Policy » N/A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  



The following are features that we are planning to introduce in future releases or as separate Plugins.

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