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CRM Plugin for WordPress

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Product Description

The CRM Plugin for WordPress is an unobtrusive application that extends the native WordPress Users section to provide better sorting, filtering and search utilities for a variety of purposes such as business professionals who want to track and organize their sales leads with ease.

  • Instant Searching – Search results are returned as you type in the existing table on the Users page (AJAX).
  • Advanced Filtering – Add unlimited Filters to refine the results on the Users page.
  • Presets – Save your search queries and Filters by giving it a name and saving them. Then just click on that Preset’s name to instantly restore the search queries and Filters along with their respective results. Available in the Premium Version
  • Create Custom Fields – Integration with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin by Elliott Condon allows Users to quickly and easily create unlimited custom fields that can be displayed in the Users table via Screen Options so they can be quickly and easily searched and filtered. Available in the Premium Version
  • Sortable Columns – Simply drag and drop columns into a new order and save that order with your Preset so you can quickly and easily find the information you’re. Available in the Premium Version

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Development (Roadmap)

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