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Custom Pointers Plugin for WordPress

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Product Description

The Custom Pointers Plugin for WordPress introduces an administrative interface that allows users to create a “Collection” of custom “Pointers” quickly and easily in an organized fashion.

Fundamentally, it’s a way to allow Administrative Users the ability to create interactive tutorials for their variety of purposes.

This is built atop the “Feature Pointers” feature that was introduced in WordPress 3.3.

Note: Currently, Pointers can only be created for the back end of WordPress. Front end support is planned though!

Administrative Back End Features

  • Creating Without Coding – Without writing any code administrators can create Pointers to form an interactive tutorial for their users.
  • Auto Detection – By, simply, hovering over elements on the back end of WordPress administrators are prompted with an editable Pointer which they can populate and connect to other Pointers to form a greater interactive tutorial.
  • Grouping – Administrators can easily group these Pointers into a Collection so you can create multiple tutorials on a single page, and still across multiple pages, to train users on multiple aspects of WordPress including installed Plugins & Themes.
  • Quick Re-Organize – The ability to easily re-organize the Pointers via a drag-n-drop interface. In the Free version users cannot re-order them Coming to the Premium Version
  • Visual Editor – (WYSIWYG) Is added to the content box, which also includes the ability to upload media. In the Free version there is no visual editor and HTML is not rendered Coming to the Premium Version
  • Quick Delete Pointer – The ability to delete Pointers from the Auto interface. In the Free version they must be deleted from the Pointers page Coming to the Premium Version
  • Import/Export – Administrators can import and export Collections. Coming to the Premium Version

End User Back End Features

  • Auto Start – End users are automatically prompted with the Pointers upon entering the corresponding section.
  • Navigation – End users can navigate forward and backward through a Collection of Pointers. Available in the Premium Version.
  • Restart – End users can restart tutorials from the contextual Help menu. In the Free version end users cannot restart a tutorial once it’s been completed Available in the Premium Version.

Front End Features

Planned for a future release TBA.

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Do you need support or have feedback such as feature requests? Visit the support page.

Development (Roadmap)

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1 review for Custom Pointers Plugin for WordPress

  1. 5 out of 5


    We’re very proud of our work on this Plugin. We use it on all of our customers websites to train them.

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