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Premium Bulk Photo to Product Importer Extension for WooCommerce

Are you a photographer who wants to sell your products on your WordPress website but you find the native….

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Product Description

Download the free version at the Wordpress Plugins Directory!

Are you a photographer who wants to sell your products on your WordPress website but you find the native WooCommerce interface to limit your ability to sell your products? Well we created this WordPress Plugin for users whose business model is centric to selling photography in an eCommerce environment. While WooCommerce is an absolutely stellar Plugin; the Bulk Photo to Product Importer Extension for WooCommerce extends WooCommerce, unobtrusively, in the following ways for photographers:


Back End Features

  • Bulk Import Photos – Which are, then, automatically converted into WooCommerce Products. Product Titles are automatically generated based on the file name of the photo(s) being imported. You have the option to modify these titles during and after the upload process.
  • Event Types and Events – So you can easily locate that photo shoot you did for that local high school, sporting event, etc… by creating an Event Type (Ex. Sports, Portraits, etc…) and a specific Event (Ex. Jane and John Doe Wedding, Portland High School Portraits)
  • BPTPI Variations – Many photographers don’t just sell the individual photos, rather, they sell what the photo is printed on (photo prints, smartphone cases, shirts, posters, etc…). Using Variations: administrators can create unlimited custom Variations and associate a price with that specific Variation. Note: Essentially, these Variations replace the native WooCommerce Variations. Although we have not actually overwritten the WooCommerce core code (features and functionality) in case users still need that.
    • Downloadable Photos – Simply create a BPTPI Variation named “Downloadable” and viola! Any users who purchase that Variation will be able to download the photo upon purchasing!
  • Private Events and Photos – We understand that sometimes photos need to be kept private. That’s why you can give Users access to specific Events, preventing all other Users from being able to view the photos within that event or assign a generic password to that event for anyone to use to view them.
  • Widgets – We’ve also created an advanced Search by Event or Search by Date WordPress Widget. Available in the Paid Version.
  • Custom Watermark – You can upload your own custom image that is dynamically embedded onto your images as a watermark in Settings. Available in the Paid.
  • Events Generalized – In the previous version of #BPTPI Users would create a Event Type and then a Specific Event. Since some photographers don’t shoot Events that model was a bit confusing for Users. Technically these were always just Categories, but we decided to name it Events after numerous photographers encouraged us to. After much thought and testing we decided to revert it to Categories but implemented the ability to rename them to whatever you want. On our Demo site you’ll see them labelled as Albums, for example.
  • Multiple Variation Groups – You can now associate multiple Variation Groups with Categories.
  • Categories with Users – Now lists all of the Categories that have Users associated with them, so you can edit them, with a new column for Variation Groups. This allows Users the ability to edit what Variation Groups are associated with a Category.
  • Categories (formerly Events) Appear on “My Account” and “Your Profile” (backend) – When Users purchase a photo, WooCommerce natively lists it on their My Account page. But that got a little messy so we added thumbnails for each Category that they’ve been added too.
  • User Association by Category or Individual Photo – Some of our Users would shoot events like school portrait days and group them as one event (now called Categories), yet they wanted students to only see their photo when viewing the site. This wasn’t possible in the previous version because User association was specific to the Category only.
  • Improved Watermark & New Tiling Feature – Some Users didn’t like the way the watermark was placed over images so we enhanced it a bit and also introduced an option to Tile the watermark.
  • Improved Uploading & Saving Speed – While there is still room to grow here; we’ve improved the speed and process of saving so photo’s are uploaded and saved one at a time, rather than in bulk, so that the process won’t stall for Users with servers that have limited resources available. This also helps ensure you don’t upload 10,000 photos, accidentally close out your browser and have to start all over again. Instead you can just see the last photo to be created and continue uploading from there.
  • Downloadable Options – In the previous version you had to type “Downloadable” into the Variation Name field to make a downloadable option of your photos. And if you wanted to offer multiple sizes, you had to manually upload those different sizes. In 3.0 you have a Checkbox beside a Variation to make it Downloadable, so you can name it whatever you like and you can specify the dimensions you want the photo sized to so you can offer multiple Variations of a photo in different sizes as well!

Front End Features

  • Browse and Search by Event – If the Event is Private users Events simply won’t appear in search results unless the user has been authenticated. Search by Event is Available in the Paid Version
  • Search by Event Date – If the Event doesn’t have a specific name, or the user can’t remember it, they may search by the Event’s date. Available in the Paid Version


Demonstration »

You may use a demonstration of our product at http://bptpi.theportlandcompany.com – you can also sign in via http://bptpi.theportlandcompany.com/wp-admin using “bptpi” as the username and password.

Support & Feedback

FAQ & Documentation


Development (Roadmap)

Are you curious to know our plans for future development of the plugin? Subscribe to the Blog for this plugin specifically. As we update our roadmap you can review it and even comment to post your ideas!



This plugin was designed by Spencer Hill and coded, primarily (99%), by Redeye J. Adaya originally, by further developed by about 6 other developers since it’s inception. It’s owned by The Portland Company and funded by it’s customers, namely those who purchase it.

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